October Monthly Report

Sun 8th Nov 2015 - 4:05am Gaming

October Monthly Report

Well here we are again another monthly roundup report. They seem to becoming around so fast lately and that is no doubt testament to the busy work schedule the whole organisation has, so let’s get right down to it.

For the organisation this month we have been focused on the “Name the Penguin” campaign which has been running through the month of October. Where one lucky winner who submitted the best name will win themselves a brand new Siberia V3 gaming headset. The winner - Michael Donaghey bagged himself the prize with his submission of ROCKO. I am so happy to see us using our online community in helping us shape the future of our organisation.

We are now also in the final design stages of the new team apparel and they will no doubt be ready in time for the team at their next event. I look forward to releasing all this information as soon as I get it so keep your eyes fixed on the social media for the announcements. We also have an exciting new partnership to announce, we are just finalizing the contract and I will release the information when I can on that.

For the CSGO team October has seen the team finish up their group stage for the ESL in a respectable second place. Despite the overturned result which would have given the guys the top spot, they will be in my eyes undefeated going into the knockout stages of the competition; which we are hoping will start early November. This month also saw the team’s entrance into various online cups and competitions with GFinity becoming a regular favorite for the boys.

Well done to Craig 'cthreestar' Ewart who took part in The ESL 1 vs 1 AWP Europe Cup with over 650 AWPers entered. Managing to knock out several opponents of different nationalities across Europe and also being the last UK AWPer left in the tournament, his winning streak was finally brought to an end in the quarter finals against a German opponent. An impressive show in his first tournament of it's kind.

   All this is providing vital experience in preparation for the team for their upcoming offline event in December.


For our Development Team Jonathan "Coolsil" Peacocke had this to say:

“The CSGO.DEV team is still in its beginning stage, slowly growing and building momentum, currently we have 2 main players other than myself that would be Akadis and Woopa. Akadis is very new to CSGO and in growing a lot every week, Woopa is looking at playing in a team in the long run and is helping a lot with the development of other players.”

For our Hearthstone divisions Nick "Redfox" Smith had this to say:

“The Hearthstone team are on a recruitment drive to obtain a new member to help raise the team to the next level. With Insomnia fast approaching, they will try and recruit someone in November or at a last resort will be on the lookout for talent at i56. With the big announcement that 8 pro players will be attending i56 and with a $30,000 USD prize fund on offer, the team will be working hard on being prepared to offer a challenge at the event.”

So that’s it for this month everything seems to be moving forward and we keep going from strength to strength it is definitely an exciting time to be a penguin. So from me and Rocko we will see you next month for another round up report


Michael Smith
TPO Owner



Louise Simson

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