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Sat 14th Nov 2015 - 12:23am Gaming




Today I announce the departure of Daniel "Sandy" Cain from the CS:GO line up. This change has been brought about due to internal matters within the division, the organisation will not comment further on this issue at this time. But would like to thank Daniel for his services during his time with us and wish him well for the future.

With this issue leaving us shorthanded for the upcoming insomnia event in December, It is with great pleasure I introduce to you all Wayne "oJ" Stewart who will be stepping in as our permanent replacement for the CS:GO division.

I have decided to make this decision to sign Wayne as he has been playing with members from our team for some time and I felt that with the existing chemistry and his incredible skill set he would be a huge benefit to the team; his willingness to practice and attend events made him the perfect candidate to complete our roster.

Our Current Roster is as follows:

Michael "MiKeZje" Smith
Craig "cthreestar" Ewart
William "Mezii/F/" Merriman
Thomas " tamsteR" Barrett ( Formely known as Sleezay)
Wayne "oJ" Stewart

Wayne had this to say about joining the organisation:

“I would like to give a massive thank you to Team Penguin Overlords for bringing me into their line-up. I've been striving for a team who have massive potential to go far within the CS:GO scene and have great hopes of the team becoming one of the best in the UK. Within the CS:GO team, we have members that are very strong, strive to be the best and know that team work is essential. We also have members within TPO who work behind the scenes, working day in and out to make life a lot easier for TPO Teams. When joining TPO, I was very surprised at how friendly and comforting the players were. I feel this is a big opportunity to bring the best out of me as a player and playing alongside TPO is a bonus. Joining the TPO Team will give a massive opportunity to me by attending LANs, leagues and cups. Without a doubt, I can’t wait to be part of TPO and helping them along on our path to the top.”

I would like to take the time to formally welcome Wayne to the team and wish him the best of luck with the team and Organisation.


Michael "MiKeZje" Smith
TPO Owner





Louise Simson

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