November Monthly Report

Tue 8th Dec 2015 - 5:30am Gaming General

November Monthly Round Up

Hello again and welcome to our November organisation report. As I write this we are just over a week away from our big winter event Insomnia 56 at The NEC Birmingham. Near enough everything we have been doing as an org this past month is gearing up towards this event, and I for one am extremely excited.

But it hasn’t all been good news this month, we were sad to see the departure of our dedicated streamer William "Billy" Harvey. Although his time with us was brief, he felt that he could not commit to the full time demands it required due to personal reasons; we decided mutually to end the involvement with the organisation, so we here at Team Penguin Overlords wish him well and all the best for the future.

As one door closes another opens and we are delighted to announce many more additions to the family, first of all we gained two excellent talents in the Fifa 16 scene who will be representing the organisation at the winter LAN event going for gold in all there competitions. We are pleased to welcome:

Liam "R3AP3RZz" Merry
Mark "PEEWEE" Merry

If you haven’t guessed from their names already, they are indeed brothers and we wish them the best of luck with their involvement with us.

Our next addition is Laurence "Lozza" Bowman he will be heading up the League of legends department for the organisation, I was keen to bring him on board as he has high aspirations to become one of the UK’s best at current, as well as league of legends being one of the top current eSports titles. Also, to help with my vision to help grow and promote eSports within the UK. I felt it was only fitting to give this guy a chance and he has the full backing of the organisation. He will be looking to create his roster over the coming months and will be aiming to represent the organisation at the April offline event.

Finally we will see the services of Felix Low who will be our official events photographer at i56 and for forthcoming events, welcome Felix we are glad to have you officially part of the team.

With all our new recruits we do wish you all the best of luck and we hope you enjoy great success with us.

Next up we finally we have our brand new team jersey, we shall be unveiling it at The Insomnia 56 winter event from 10th December – 14th December along with our new apparel partnership so look out on our social media for that announcement.

For the CS:GO team this month saw the departure of Daniel "Sandy" Cain you can find the full article on our website
This left us chasing our tails as we had worked so hard to this point getting the team ready for Insomnia 56. But were lucky to secure the services of Wayne "Oj" Stewart who has joined our ranks on a permanent basis Wayne had this to say about joining the organisation:

“I would like to give a massive thank you to Team Penguin Overlords for bringing me into their line-up. I've been striving for a team who have massive potential to go far within the CS:GO scene and have great hopes of the team becoming one of the best in the UK. Within the CS:GO team, we have members that are very strong, strive to be the best and know that team work is essential. We also have members within TPO who work behind the scenes, working day in and out to make life a lot easier for TPO Teams. When joining TPO, I was very surprised at how friendly and comforting the players were. I feel this is a big opportunity to bring the best out of me as a player and playing alongside TPO is a bonus. Joining the TPO Team will give a massive opportunity to me by attending LANs, leagues and cups. Without a doubt, I can’t wait to be part of TPO and helping them along on our path to the top.”

So this month we have worked tirelessly putting in extra practice in the weekend and weekdays to get ourselves ready as a unit to take Insomnia 56 by storm. Unfortunately when the change came around it left us only a few days before our first ESL knockout match which we took with a convincing 2-0 win over Our next opponents were the highly rated polish team Boys in suits who we knew were going to be a real test and certainly no pushover.

Considering we had very limited time then to practice a varied range of map pools and the other team doing their homework, banning key maps proved for a very interesting experience. In the first map de_cache our pick of the maps and one we had practiced we won gaining the 1-0 advantage. We knew if we were going to take this game and give ourselves the best chance to progress we would have to win the second map de_overpass. Sadly it was not to be with boys in suits taking there map pick leveling the series 1-1. After a very hard fought close second map the Penguins tasted a map defeat in this league. Going into the final map de_cobblestone the boys dug deep and battled to the bitter end but it sadly was not to be and we bowed out of the league heads held high knowing we had given it our all.

I really couldn’t ask for anything more but it has allowed us to focus on the winter event solely and bonding more as a team with our sights set on causing major upsets at this event, 3 weeks on from that game I can very confidently say we are very nearly ready with a few minor adjustments and errors being ironed out all the players are comfortable in their new roles we really are working tirelessly practicing 6 days a week to ensure we give ourselves the best possible chance at this event to get a decent finish. So I look forward to the week ahead as we are finally into the 7 day countdown and updating you next month on how we got on.

So with all this in mind I just want to close on wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and have a happy new year as I will not get the chance to say it before hand in this format and I certainly hope Christmas Rocko brings you all GG's you have been waiting for, no matter that game you are playing, or whether you have been naughty or nice.


Michael Smith
TPO Owner





Louise Simson

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