September Monthly Report

Fri 9th Oct 2015 - 4:24pm Gaming

September Monthly Report


September has been a jam packed month for the organisation, we saw our logo have an amazing revamp and we have been taken back by the overwhelming praise it has received from our community and fans. Plans have been put in place for our 2015 jersey redesign as well as a full range of apparel so we are talking jerseys, jackets, mouse pads, hats and banners in anticipation for Multiplay’s winter festival ‘i56’ which will see our organisation there in full force flying our orange flag high.

Something we have wanted to shout about for a while but have had to keep it under tight security is the announcement of our new sponsorship with Alphacool and Aqua Tuning UK. These guys truly do some amazing products and you can check there full range of products over on their websites.

We are also delighted to announce our partnership with Console Chameleon who are our principle supplier for custom made controllers and I for one am extremely excited to see what cool design they can come up with for the organisation; so keep your eyes peeled for that announcement.

We have also had another new member join our ranks namely, Jack "CrakkaJ" Williams.
He has taken on all things graphic design and has been hard at work design all the Twitch overlays, website banners and custom themes you see knocking around so I would like to Welcome Jack personally to our family and wish him the very best of luck.

Our social media has been going from strength to strength with a healthy dosage of new followers and likes each week and that is testament to the work of our marketing manager Louise. We are also unveiling our “Name the Penguin” October campaign so stay tuned on the social media for that announcement. To enter your suggestion for your chance to win a Brand New Steelseries Siberia V3 gaming headset.

I am delighted to announce our Counterstrike GO team has now finalised its roster, it is as follows:-

Michael ‘MikeZje’ Smith
Craig ‘cthreestar’ Ewart
William ‘Mezzi/F/’ Merriman
Tom ‘Sleezay’ Barrett
Dan ‘Sandy’ Cain

Tom had this to say regarding his move to the organisation:-

" I would like to thank TPO for bringing me into their line-up. I have always wanted a great team who have the same ambitions as me, which is to go for gold and become the best we can be! Being in a team who are all as dedicated and also have a team of dedicated people working behind the scenes, I feel this will bring the best out in me and give me the best opportunities. Also, this opens a massive door for me as we will be attending LANS, entering online leagues and cups. Overall I'm buzzing to be a part of TPO and cannot wait to see what the future will bring us." - Tom ‘Sleezay’ Barrett

 The ESL Winter league has been very interesting for the team despite going undefeated and winning their first 3 games with convincing 2-0 results in best of 3 matches. Although, due to the first team we faced disbanding shortly after their game against us, the result got taken away. I felt that as we had to play the game, we deserved to keep the victory on our score sheet and the remaining teams get a statutory 1-0 default wins. But this wasn’t the case and wouldn’t be the last time we would feel the admins ruling.

We then went on to play Fire ferrets CS again taking the game 2-0 in maps in what was a landslide 16-2 and 16-0 for the TPO boys who gave the opposition nothing for the entirety of the game. We would then come to our 3rd game and although TPO had taken the game 2-0 again due to a technical error by one of the players the result got overturned to a 1-0 default win to Detectiv. Although this decision is not what we would have liked, rules are rules and we have to move on and focus on qualifying from the groups so we can make a playoff run for the major league. I for one will be looking forward to a potential rematch further down the line.

I would like to give praise to the CSGO boys in the closing part of this section as their determination and attitude in what has been our first full month of practice commitments. I have no doubt in my mind that come i56 December 11th the team will be ready to take on the challenge and make a real impact in what is going to be an exciting spectacle for the UK CSGO scene this winter.

An update from our Hearthstone Manager Nick:-

“September was a quiet month for Hearthstone, being unable to recruit a new member; I decided it was the best time to get some time off before kicking things into the next gear ready for the big Insomnia 56 event in December. It was also a tactical decision in a bid to let the cards and decks settle a little bit, in order to work out what are the key deck heroes and also key cards to success in the new Grand Tournament Meta. The big push starts next week, with local tournaments planned and new recruitment drive to help bolster the Hearthstone squad.”

As you can see September has been by far, one of the busiest months for the organisation and as we come to the end of our transition period. We know that we still have a mountain to climb but the focus now switches more onto the competition side and getting the right results for the teams. I for one am looking forward to seeing what the rest of this year and beyond brings for TPO.

For your regular dosage of all things Penguin Overlords be sure to follow our social media channels.

Michael Smith
TPO Owner





Louise Simson

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