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Mon 21st Dec 2015 - 6:18am General Gaming

Hello one and all,


First of all we are only 4 sleeps until Christmas, I am certainly not ready for good old Chris Cringle to visit, I will need to get the vanilla milkshake and cookies ready as from what I know, Santa loves vanilla milkshake in our household.

While I have the time during this busy period for TPO, I’d like to take the time to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Insomnia 56 was a great success for the organisation with FIFA player Liam ‘R3AP3RZz’ Merry taking home 2 out of the 3 tournaments for the weekend and earning himself a nice Christmas bonus.

The CS:GO team narrowly missed out on qualification for the prize tournament but demonstrated to the top tier teams of the tournament that we were no push overs and they would have to bring their very best in order to defeat us. This leaves me with a warm fuzzy feeling about the road ahead and I know 2016 will be bigger and better for TPO as we reach our 1 year mark. We look to kick off the year with a bang by bagging ourselves a spot in the UK Ascendance Cup - A 16 team closed tournament, we shall release more on this at a later date.

So down to business, to most within the organisation this is not news, it has been in the making for some time, but I wanted to make a formal announcement for those that don’t know.

Unfortunately it will not be with me (MiKeZje) playing in the CS:GO Team. There was a decision made prior to the event that after our competition at iseries I would step down from the team to focus solely on making this organisation bigger and better while allowing a balance between my social and home life. As you can all appreciate we practiced 4/5 nights a week, then having to do organisation work as well as deal with any problems that may arise and then spending time with my wife. So taking all this into consideration I felt it was best at this time that I put all my focus into the teams representing the organisation, helping them reach the next level by giving all the support I can.

This doesn’t mean I have stopped competitive gaming all together, I will take on and advisory coach role amongst the CS:GO team and act as there 6th player when required. Craig "cthreestar" Ewart has taken over all responsibilities of managing the team and he is now actively searching and trailing for a new 5th player.

If you have been following our social media posts you will have notice I took part in Gfinity’s free to play Hearthstone cup on Saturday, this will become a regular occurrence as well as other premium tournaments they run. This has been brought about by love for the game and with me not being so involved with competing in CSGO, it will allow me to play Hearthstone on a semi competitive basis. Only if I get all my work done, so it will be incentive based for me - work hard play hard!

To close this off I just wanted to get something out there officially explain what has gone on and keep you the supporters up to date. Once again have a very merry Christmas and I will catch up with you all in the New Year.



Michael 'MiKeZje' Smith



Michael Smith

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