December Monthly Report

Wed 13th Jan 2016 - 1:33am General

First of all I would like to welcome everyone into 2016, this is our FIRST monthly report for the New Year and I look forward to sharing our experience with you every step of the way throughout the year. You guys all know I’m here to talk about December so chill out sit down and grab a cuppa for the December monthly report.

For the Organisation this was the month we had been waiting for, it was ‘LAN month’ which saw the organisation attend insomnia 57. Everything we had put in from training, meetings, sorting out the new apparel and accommodation plans all finally came together in one action packed weekend.

It was a great success for the whole team our very own FIFA 16 star Liam "R3AP3RZz" Merry winning 2 of the 3 tournaments over the weekend, with a Liam and Mark final on the Sunday which saw the whole organisation attending the final. It was safe to say the organisation was split on who people wanted to win and cheering for all the goals in a best of 3 which beforehand you would have tipped as a clean 2-0 for the younger brother but this wasn’t the case. We were set for a full 3 game shoot out.

The first game went the way of Mark "PEEWEE" Merry after scoring early on with an unbelievable tekkers style goal, this got the whole crowd on their feet with applause. Mark held on well until the dying moments of the game with Liam bagging himself a late equaliser to send the game to penalties which Mark won and it was 1-0 in favour of the older brother. We all watched on in suspense as mark was on the verge of causing an upset and taking the series in a clean 2-0 sweep, Liam battled hard and managed to level the series at 1-1 going into the final deciding game of the tournament and of the event.

It all came down to the next 90 minutes and in a winner takes all style Liam took the lead very early on and held on well to see out the half at 1-0, the second half begin with mark throwing everything at Liam even changing his formation to play with four up front leaving him vulnerable to the counter Liam would use this to his advantage by adding to his lead making it 2-0 before Mark himself found the net to make it 2-1 with time running out, it was all a little too late and Liam took the series 2-1 bagging himself his second 1st place of the weekend making it a total of 2 wins form 3 tournaments over the weekend with Mark grabbing himself second place on the final day. 

But really the surprise package of the tournament was the entry of Michael "MikeZje" Smith and after winning his first 2 games, he found himself up against Mark as it was a 3rd round TPO showdown and in all good fashion within the organisation, we have a unwritten policy on you are not truly a player until you play the owner. After Michael was brushed aside by Liam on the opening day 3-0 in an off the books friendly it would be Marks turn to showcase the goods and it was safe to say after MikeZje dominated the first game he could not finish his dinner with Mark taking his chances well and winning convincingly 2-0. The second game wouldn’t play out as easy as Michael took the lead early and looked set to dominate this fixture and take it to a 3rd and final deciding game but this wasn’t the case, Mark showed his class and is a real talent to battle back and win the second game 3-1. With that GG's were exchanged, Mark had finally had his trial by fire, and has been officially inducted into the TPO team.

As with all LAN events we attend we like to meet and greet likeminded players, fans and in this odd fashion an eSports photographer, we had befriended a guy named Sky Matthews from Erinite the opening day of the event after we had given him a can of the energy drinks we had been given. (Courtesy of Alphacool and Aqua Tuning) He offered to photograph us throughout the event and even take the player photos you see on our website as well as various others throughout the event. I am truly grateful of the work and effort you put into the team although you didn’t have to and it has been noted and appreciated. I wanted to give him a special message in this report as with all our members you demonstrated the quality to go above and beyond anything we asked for and I wanted to thank him for that specifically.

For Nick "RedFox" Smith who had taken part in the Hearthstone tournament for the organisation this proved valuable experience in serious competitive play with him after the event taking a step back from playing to focus on the management role for the team. He brought along with him TPO newcomer Felix who has become a household favourite amongst the players and staff, he brings bags of moral and laughter to the team in somewhat can be and is a very stressful and serious environment. Whilst over the event finding himself a love in the new up and coming car football title that is Rocket League and who knows there may be a future there for the organisation.

For the CSGO team this was it, all the preparation over the past 3 months had come down to this one tournament, this one event were we could truly measure how far we have come along since we started and despite the recent roster change before the event removing Daniel "Sandy" Cain and bringing in Wayne "oJ" Stewart and the internal move round of player roles and positions we felt we had given it our all to give ourselves the best possible chance to showcase what we were about, although there was a few shaky moments we showcased true grit and passion, Digging deep in games to pull back to overtime, showing passion and character against the bigger more established teams and players, that we aren’t a team they could take lightly with them having to play their very best standard to see off our challenge, I’m not going to go into detail of all the recent changes and results from the event as I explained that in detail over on another post I have written called The Road ahead. So please head over to the news section of the website to check that out. But as a closing statement or really I should call it a testament. I am damn well proud of our performance of the event and we closed 2015 out with our heads held high as a team and as an organisation with 2016 looking a very promising year ahead for the girls and guys at the organisation and it is down to everyone here and the hard work they put in night in night out and to you all I thank you.



Michael Smith

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