CSGO Team completes its roster.

Fri 22nd Jan 2016 - 4:35pm General Gaming

It is with great pleasure, and delight that I can share with you our new completed CSGO line-up. After the recent changes from the last event the team was left with a hole to fill. Craig "cthreestar" Ewart found himself stepping up from the ‘Second in command role’ role he was currently in, to take the helm and have full control over the guys.

Multiple people applied, trialled and got assessed over the festive period and into the early New Year. It has been challenging for the guys as they have had CEVO commitments and having players coming to stand-in and has been a delicate balancing act but after a long period of trials and tribulations. It seems to be calm sailing ahead as the team can now look forward to press on and achieve the standard required and get one step closer to the dream. With the organisations full backing we know we can make this a reality for the guys.

So first of all I would like to introduce the 4th member to the team Scott "Yatah" Driver.

He was brought into the team shortly after the last insomnia event, after becoming a free agent. The team held discussions on who they thought would best suit the roles we required and Yatah sprung to mind across the board, He is currently here to do the entry role and is known for his calm, positive attitude and his willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty (No Pun Intended). The way he conducted himself around the last event made him the standout candidate for the teams 4th.

Scott "Yatah" Driver had this to say about joining the organisation:

“The story with TPO begins for me at i56 when competing with a separate organisation made up of friends and family. The experience with the previous organisation was to say the least a shambles. Moral was low, team spirit was non-existent and the only time I smiled at Insomnia 56 was when I was stuffing my face with mince pies.

I then met the TPO gang, we knew them previous to meeting as we had practiced against them before the tournament and fair to say there was a natural sense of rivalry and excitement. Unfortunately, we didn't officially play each other in the tournament but a few words mentioned to me from the organisations owner 'Mike' stuck with me the whole tournament to even my drive home..."None of that in our camp" - This comment was brought up from when Mike came to watch us play and noticed our IGL raging, turning his monitor off and sulking...Mikes words to me and the complete TPO team spirit showed me that there is still some decent UK players out there, this is my main reason for joining the organisation.

I hope to bring positive energy and colour to the organisation, I believe that as an individual I can be one of the best UK players. This game isn't just a test of aim, it's so much more a test of self-confidence and intelligence, which is why I am very happy so far with my move to TPO as I am surrounded by people on the same level. I hope to help the organisation grow and hopefully give anyone pre-judging our achievement capabilities a run for their money.

I feel I have been given a good opportunity to shine and help TPO get up there with the best.”

Next up we have Tomasz "Vedi’" Rusinek who joined the team to take up the role of entry, the guy had to get this right to find a new team member that would complement their style of play and help mould and shape them as a team. Vedi’’ is passionate and hugely committed to all things Counter-Strike, which is hugely popular is his home country of Poland. Although, in the early days Vedi’ has shown to be one of the most motivated players we have ever had the pleasure of meeting which in turn has brought a new life into the team. His aim is impeccable, almost godlike which only compliments his smart play-making abilities.

Tomasz "Vedi’" Rusinek had this to say about joining the organisation: 

“For the past few months I was looking for a CSGO team that would meet up my expectation and passion. As I've made some changes to my life and set some goals being a part of a team was one of them. I was just having another late night FACEIT game when in opposite team I saw Craig with +1 LAN in his nickname and I thought I will give it a shot. I've asked can I add him and talk about his team after the game and he agreed. I smashed his ass in that game so I had a great start. We talked, he told me some of his expectations and I said I can do it! So in the next few days the boys were doing a try-out for me and they agreed on taking me on board which I’m forever grateful! The boys are passionate, talented and very skilled players. They have great personalities and they welcomed me with an open arms. It felt like a place I belong. Despite my language and all the early stress and communication problem they did put their faith in me. I know that with a proper training and figuring out how to play with each other and co-operate we will explode on UK professional scene. I expect only that team as an organisation will put the effort as much as I will because I know it’s the beginning of something great.”

So the Completed line-up is as follows:

  • Craig "cthreestar" Ewart
  • William "Mezii/F/" Merriman
  • Tom "tamsteR" Barrett
  • Scott "Yatah" Driver
  • Tomasz "Vedi’" Rusinek 

I wish the guys all the best for their future and every success with TPO and together we can take over the world one polar bear at a time.

Thanks for reading,

Michael "MiKeZje" Smith.





Michael Smith

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