January Monthly Report

Mon 22nd Feb 2016 - 6:22pm General Gaming

Goodbye December and hello January. New Year, New me and all that nonsense people say but for the Organisation this really is a new start. The team have had a nice long period of time to unwind and relax and reflect on how far as an organisation we really have come. There has been a fair few departures as of late which for us is always saddening news. We really strive to promote our core values PHD FREDD to all our members and help create a unity between us all creating that family vibe we all love and know.

But for January it has been a period of productivity which i can confirm the organisation shop is due to be up and running in the very near future so please stay tuned to the social media and website for that announcement. We are literally just awaiting the final email for it to be confirmed to be ready to take custom. We finally have the design for our Jacket and cap which will feature an embroidered logo. Oooooooooohhh I hear you say I know that was my first reaction too and when you see the designs you’re sure not to be disappointed so look out for that. But these items have been a long time coming, i am delighted to be able to share these with you.

We have nearly reached 500 followers on twitter, this leaves me beyond words to know that there are nearly 500 people out there that want to support us, it is truly a magnificent feat to be so close to accomplishing, so again thank you. To know, you are willing to share this journey with us. This really is testament to how far we have come in a short time and it is all credit to our Marketing manager Louise " WeeLoopy" Simson, so make sure you give her a follow, as she is the brains and the drive behind everything you see.


An update on the CSGO team:

"January was about securing our fifth player in the CSGO team as we said goodbye to Wayne ‘OJ’ Stewart and I’d like to say thanks for his time and good luck with his new family and setting up his business. We had a rocky start to CEVO over our 9 games with only 2 wins but credit to the team for their positive attitude, commitment to practicing and playing with stand-ins, making sure to give it their all during trialling periods. 

I am pleased to announce our new 5th Tomasz ‘Vedi’ Rusinek who will be attending Insomnia 57 with the team, welcome to TPO and the family."

Craig 'cthreestar' Ewart.


An update on the FIFA team:-

 “January has come to an end and the FIFA has slowed down a bit but with i57 only a month and a half away we’ve been working hard to keep our form going to a local weekly tournament in The Milton Keynes Casino with myself being in two of the finals; I didn’t win either but one of the finals was against my teammate and brother R3AP3RZz which ended 4-2, it was a great game but he took that one. R3AP3RZz has kept his top 50 position on the season ranking, he is hoping to make it higher in the next few months.”

Mark ‘PEEWEE’ Merry. 


An update on the CSGO development team:

"The development team is coming along well we has had a bump of STUpendous, however this was mutually agreed and when he is ready to continue his journey with TPO he shall let us know. We are starting to plan out first LAN in around a year in time for the summer insomnia 2017 and we have been planning training to suit current roster better."

Jono 'Coolsil' Peacocke.


The hearthstone team have no news to report on for this period.


So that’s us, first month out the way for the year, it really is shaping up to be the year of the penguin and I look forward to sharing all our endeavours with you along the way. 


Michael "MiKeZje" Smith 



Michael Smith

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