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Sat 17th Sep 2016 - 3:05pm General Gaming


It's been a very busy time for us in the CS:GO team as it always is at the end of seasons. This was one of our most successful seasons so far. We finished 5th-8th of ESEA UK Open, narrowly missing out to Royals.UK(now Dragon eSports) in the QFs of the playoffs although this means we have earned a spot for ESEA Intermediate and also managed to win $125 as a team. We also competed in CEVO-Intermediate where we earned promotion for CEVO Main through our performances, CEVO Main being the highest skilled public league they have to offer.

Another worth to mention highlight of the season for us was competing in SKYLLA, such a professional well-run tournament which everyone loved to be a part of, we managed to make it to the last 4 of SKYLLA as well, where we were defeated by eSuba.INTEL (Czech) 7-16 on de_dust2 and 8-16 on de_cache, unfortunately our individual performances weren't good enough on the night but for SKYLLA we earned $250!

Last but not least was i58, personally I believe this is the best we have performed at a LAN event so far, minus the first game we played in our groups which we lost to and the change in the rules (top 1 team going through from each group instead of 2), means we finished 2nd in the group and were moved to the Intermediate tournament, where we had a great run which eventually ended against 'True eSports' who are an italian team with great talent and team work, we learned a lot from that game and made some good friends along the way.


We are undergoing massive changes in our roster, although not down to our own personal choice, change should always be welcomed and this will be the largest changes we have EVER made to our roster.

First the change that everyone knew was happening is MiKeZje, who had planned to step down a month or two prior to Insomnia58, this was Mikes own personal decision which allows him to focus on having a family. Mike has mostly been in the roster since Day 1, having been on most roles in the team including IGL he will be a massive loss to the team in terms of motivation, positivity and general uplifting attitude! Although he is stepping down from the main roster he will be actively still a massive part of TPO and will also be helping to develop some of the Dev team players!

Secondly we announce 'mezii/f/' leaving the roster, having been one of the longest players in our roster behind myself and MiKeZje. He was a very consistent player who rarely had a bad performance and his attitude towards the game was fantastic. It's not easy for a team to lose their current In-Game Leader and of course, It's sad to see him leave the team but we wish him all the best for his future in whatever he chooses to do and are sure he will succeed in whatever he does!

Last but by no means least we say goodbye to our rifler 'vedi''. Vedi was one of the newer players in the roster although had attended 2 LANs with us in total, the style he brought to the team was very different to what you find in the UK Scene, very patient, calm and solid performances which is great to see in a player. The team had many good times with vedi trying to teach us Polish and about Polish culture. He was an important part of our team chemistry and it's also sad to see him go, I wish him the best of luck in his new venture and hope he can achieve his goals.


Obviously to change so many players was a real surprise for us, and only having two players left in the line-up (myself and ArchEnemy^) we had to make a decision on what we are going to do next. Do we rebuild trying to find 3 players that will fit, or do we give up and move on like most teams would do, especially in the UK Scene. The decision wasn't easy but we were re-motivated with words from the other members and teams of TPO (Thanks to you all), now we are in the process of rebuilding the roster.

With the time-frame we had to find new players for registration, we had to pull out of ESEA S23 Intermediate after being promoted last season, giving up our spot. It should be easy enough to achieve again the next time we decide to compete in ESEA. With that being said we are going to put the new rosters focus on CEVO Main Season 11 and also to prepare for a different LAN event to what we usually attend, epic.lan in February.

When the new roster is complete I shall announce who the future penguins of our CSGO devisions are.





Craig Ewart

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