Meet our management team.  

  • WeeLoopy

    Louise Simson

    Well as a Scot I'm an easy going person, I enjoy a laugh and helping people; so feel free to drop me an e-mail if you have any questions. Here is a little insight into the games I'm into.. PC *Skyrim - Elder Scrolls*Battle of Immortals*Legend of Mir 2*Diablo 3*World of Warcraft*The Witcher 3*CS:GO (Although it's still early days) :p PS4*Destiny*Infamous*GTA Xbox 360*Tomb Raider*Watchdogs*CSI - Or anything where I can solve crimes!!...Read More

  • MiKeZje

    Michael Smith

    Founder of Team Penguin Overlords. 10+ Years in the industry started way back in 2006 in a small time Black Hawk Down clan called WFH (Warriors from Hell) to which i had a breif spell afterwards with battlefield 2, befor moving onto COD4 where i would have moderate success both online and offline winning multiple cups and events. My offline journey began way back at insomnias i32 event in newbury befor finish my last UK Lan at i38 in between these i had attend european events such as Dreamhack and TEX. After an extended brake from Competetive gaming due to work commitments i made my competetive gaming return in late 2014 joining a few community teams prior to starting the organisation in the march of 2015 making my full offline debut return at i52 playing CSGO right up to i58. Now you can find me playing Overwatch for the organisation....Read More