Team Penguin Overlords Overwatch Team:
Achievements: Epic20 - 2nd Place / Epic21 - 3rd place

  • TwoRounds

    Thomas Campbell

    I'm the main tank player for TPO.Esports I've been playing Overwatch since open beta was released, I've played on the team since 2016, with I59 being my first competitive LAN for Overwatch, the team ended up coming 4th I then continued to play competively at Epic.Lan 20 where the team placed 2nd follow the lan I took a break from the scene and focused on casting and coaching T3 and some T2 overwatch teams but it didn't satisfy me the same way playing on a team did so I'm making a return to the scene with the team i've built around me....Read More

  • Archit3ct

    Robert Hanson

    Flex support player for TPO-Esports OW team. Been playing FPS games for about 2 years. Overwatch was my first FPS game. Joined the team back in March of 2018. Played football for most of my life but switched to PC gaming in my mid 20s. Zenyatta is my main hero. ...Read More

  • HicCup

    Michael Gargett

    Overwatch DPS player. Coming from a background of competitive Super Smash Bro's Melee: Ghost in the Shell - First Assault Online was the first real FPS played. From there it transitioned into Overwatch; to pick up many roles and finally settle on DPS....Read More

  • BBCRadio1

    Jake Passmore

    ...Read More

  • yenbao

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  • Position
  • 2nd
    EPIC Lan 20
    19 Feb 2017