The staff of the organisation

  • cthreestar

    Craig Ewart

    All you need to know is IRN BRU but that's never enough!So my name is Craig, 24 years old from Ayrshire, Scotland. Very passionate about the Counter-Strike series, eSports, Trance Music, Banter and Beards! Since the young age of 11, I have loved playing the Counter-Strike series, starting with CS 1.6 back in 2002! It was here I realised my passion for such a skill based, competitive game!I have competed in various leagues in CS 1.6 a couple to name are CSGN and TheSGL. I never did make the migration to CS:Source as I felt the new mechanics did not suit me, so after years of playing 1.6 I gave up Counter-Strike and focused on real-life commitments! It was in March 2015 that I first heard Counter-Strike had returned with Global Offensive and my passion for Counter-Strike was re-ignited!Now with eSports at all time records for viewerships, sponsorships and publicity, this is a great time for anyone with a passion for gaming to break into eSports and start competing in Tournaments, leagues and even offline LAN events! With this said, for the next year I have decided to dedicate my time to CS:GO and eSports, training full-time hours with TPO.eSports as Main AWPer in CS:GO working hard to become a recognisable entity within the eSports industry!You will catch us at most LAN events within the UK this year and next! Next up Insomnia56 @ NEC, Birmingham!Gamer First, Competitive Always!...Read More


    Mark Merry

    Hey, I'm Mark aka PEEWEE. I'm the player/manager for FIFA. I've been heavily into FIFA for many years but only started competing in tournaments since insomnia 50. I've gradually placed better in every LAN I've competed at picking up a 3rd place at i55. As a manager I will be working alongside my team and TPO management to strive to get the most out of myself and the team....Read More

  • Spauld1ng

    Lukas Konnen

    Hey, my name is Luke, I am 18 years old and currently working as a screen/motiondesigner and freelancer. Over the past years I developed two big passions - CS and graphic design, so I made graphic design my job and started working as a freelancer for TPO. Couldn't be more awesome tbh. Besides that I'm lifting weights, play basketball and work a shit load on improving at CS. Cheers!...Read More

  • Pikasso

    Velizar Donkov

    Hello my name is Velizar Donkov im 28 years old from Bulgaria.Ex counter-strike player back in the days 2004-2009.After my active cs career over, i start working for few organizations like (Team-Decerto,Imperial-Dragons and few others).I have over 25 lans here in my country.Also for short time i was captain for Bulgaria National CS team in ClanBase....Read More

  • coolsil

    Jonathan Knight Peacocke

    I'm a generally relaxed person, I started playing Counterstrike when I was a young boy living in the arse end of Africa somewhere. I also enjoyed Doom, Simfarm, LHX, Caesar 3 and Red Alert 2. I first noticed I had more than average talent in Counterstrike when at high school (in the computer room and hours) I was able to challenge other students who were able to go home and play all night online, for me at the time I had barely a computer that was struggling to run so I had to make do with the little times we were allowed on the school computers. I have a major interest in electronic engineering and I'm lucky that this is currently my full time job. I enjoy having little electronics projects to challenge myself and learn new thing all the time....Read More

  • Hairy0tter

    Ross Meats

    Hey,  Been playing games since I can remember, always been an RPG player love my MMORPGs, ARPGs and MOBAs. Never really been one for FPS but with the style that Overwatch is played, it got my attention and I was able to cater my skills around that.I managed to join TPO for insomnia 59 where we took a mock up team with very little practice under us and managed to hold our own. Some of the members left the team and some stayed, now we have a solid team which aims to go far. Currently a support main with Lucio being my most comfortable hero, love them wallrides and boops.In my spare time when I'm not aim practicing or running comps with the lads, I can be mainly found loitering around on 'EVE online' or 'Darksouls 2' collecting them salts....Read More