The staff of the organisation

  • cthreestar

    Craig Ewart

    All you need to know is IRN BRU but that's never enough!...Read More

  • Hairy0tter

    Ross Meats

    Hey,  Been playing games since I can remember, always been an RPG player love my MMORPGs, ARPGs and MOBAs. Never really been one for FPS but with the style that Overwatch is played, it got my attention and I was able to cater my skills around that.I managed to join TPO for insomnia 59 where we took a mock up team with very little practice under us and managed to hold our own. Some of the members left the team and some stayed, now we have a solid team which aims to go far. Currently a support main with Lucio being my most comfortable hero, love them wallrides and boops.In my spare time when I'm not aim practicing or running comps with the lads, I can be mainly found loitering around on 'EVE online' or 'Darksouls 2' collecting them salts....Read More