TPO Official Streamers

  • violexa

    Alys Phimister

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  • Lyonia

    Abhidan Thapa

    The support player for the Overwatch team currently playing Ana and Zenyatta but do sometimes fill into different roles when needed. I have always been a competitive person and this being my first team. I enjoy a variety of games from MOBAs like League of Legends and DoTA2 to music rhythm games like OSU! which I stream every so often. I also create a lot of music and sounds!  I very much enjoyed the first lan tournament with the team and hope to get better!...Read More

  • PixelMaster

    Scott Wheeler-Green

    20 year old dude, primarily playing Lucio as a support player for the team! Been playing games for majority of my life, starting on the old nintendo and sony classics before getting serious about video games in early DoTA2, moving on to CS:GO in 2014 before picking up Overwatch about mid season 2. Stoked to be playing for TPO and look forward to seeing us succeed....Read More

  • TheBarnyard

    George Barnard

    I'm a 17 year old who's been gaming ever since I could remember! From thye days of Crash Bandicoot and Driver on the PS1; I've played Playstation throughout my life, and only recently made the switch to PC! DPS player for the TPO Overwatch Team....Read More